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Accelerometer Mouse is a mobile application developed for the Google Android mobile platform which uses the accelerometer on the device to control a mouse pointer on a computer on the same network. Supported devices include any cellular device running Android Eclair or higher. These guys built a 3D Mouse. But reading the section "Position Based Approach" and based on my little knowledge about IMU's (Inertial measurement units) I would say that it is quite hard to get a position like the traditional computer mouse would give. When you integrate the acceleration (twice) to get a. ECE Accelerometer Mouse: Introduction. Sound Byte: “We designed an accelerometer based mouse which commands the mouse cursor by tilting the palm, so you do not need to rest your hand on any kind of hard surface.“ Our ECE final project is an accelerometer based tilt mouse, with 2 buttons and an autoscroll.

Multitouch is enabled, so more than one button can be pressed at any given time. For more information check out /Featured on AddictiveTips (4/28/12) accelerometer-mouse-control-pc-mouse-cursor-via-android-motion-sensor/. 25 Jan The accelerometer samples movement. Keeping the project flat with respect to the ground, tilting the mouse forward and back moves the cursor in the x direction (horizontal) while turning your wrist around the axis of the USB cable moves it in the y direction (vertical). Two external pushbuttons are used for. 13 Apr This diagram shows buttons for both left and right mouse buttons. For this project we'll also need to install the MPU library into the Arduino IDE before uploading the project code to the board. This is to support the accelerometer module that i'm using. To test out the accelerometer mouse, connect it to a.

28 Apr There's no shortage of Android apps in the Google Play Store that let you use your device as a mouse, keyboard or trackpad for your computer. However, most of the available solutions require you to drag your finger over the device's screen to control the mouse cursor. New to the market, Accelerometer. 1 Jul The Z mouse will bring you to another dimension, mannnn. But not actually. What it'll do is let you use your mouse in unconventional ways. Like.


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