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You can open any Mac application with root privileges, as long as you have an administrator password. This administrator account must have a non-blank password, or Terminal will not allow you to access root privileges. The sudo command lets you launch applications with root access. 28 Nov Enable or disable the root user. Choose Apple menu () > System Preferences, then click Users & Groups (or Accounts). Click lock icon, then enter an administrator name and password. Click Login Options. Click Join (or Edit). Click Open Directory Utility. Click lock icon in the Directory Utility window, then. 6 Feb Those familiar with the command line know that running things with super user privileges is typically just a matter of using the sudo command. That still holds true with launching GUI apps into the OS X with root privileges, but it's not just a matter of prepending sudo to the otherwise useful open command.

12 Aug If you've used Mac OS X's command line at all, you may have already seen the sudo command. It lets you execute commands as root (also known as the super- user), which you may want to do periodically. I was in the macosxhints chat channel, and someone asked about launching a OS X app as root without logging out, and without using Pseudo (which is a handy app, BTW). We came up with a fairly simple procedure for doing in the Terminal what Pseudo does normally on its own. I fully accept the warnings other people have given here regarding running finder as root but in a limited scenario it is very useful. The OP had a problem using the: sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/ I suspect he/she may have also been using something like.

5 Mar If you are done with your tasks and wish to disable the root user account as it is of no use anymore, you can do so using the following steps. Launch Terminal from the Launchpad on your Mac. Type in the following command into the Terminal Window and press Enter. It is for disabling the root user on a Mac. As in any unix-based environment, you can use the sudo command: $ sudo script -name. It will ask for your password (your own, not a separate root password). About. LaunchAsRoot is an app's passport to running as superuser, i.e. with root privileges. It runs as an application and service for launching applications as root user. How to use: Drag the application (or a document) you wish to launch as root on top of the LaunchAsRoot application icon in the Finder. You will presented.


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