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UTM Coordinate Tools. How to Use UTM, MGRS, and USNG Coordinates. ===== ==== utmtool "Pocket Sized" , scale. UTM Grid Overlay Tool. The " pocket sized" tool contains. m. UTM Grid Reader; Protractor and straightedge for plotting azimuths. I hand these out when I'm teaching students to work with. , Scale "Pocket Sized" UTM Grid Overlays Fast and easy UTM plotting These easy to use grid tools divide a 1 kilometer grid square into meter squares. Align the tool on the map grid and read off the easting and northing values. The tools also have a compass rose along their outside edge. This makes plotting or. This tool is used for plotting and reading UTM, MGRS, or USNG grid coordinates from topographic maps. It is an improved version of the Graphic Training Aid 12 Coordinate Scale and Protractor used by United States and NATO military forces around the world. This coordinate scale offers significant benefits over the .

Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Grid Reader see through and easy to read. 5x inches Available at REI, % Satisfaction Guaranteed. Electronic devices can and do fail so if you do depend on using a GPS consider also carrying a topo map, compass and a UTM Grid Reader & follow these directions. Original Kayak Touring Articles by Professionals - is your Resource for Sit On Top Kayak Guidance & Gear. he UTM Grid Reader II utilizes the Universal Transverse Mercator System! Used to find and plot coordinates, measure distances in feet, estimate ().

UTM universal transverse mercator grid reader map navigation tool for plotting coordinates scale bearing MGRS Military Grid Reference System and USNG US National Grid system. Price: $ Product Description: Convenient see-thru UTM Grid reader to plot UTM or MGRS coordinates on a , scale map. Fits right in your shirt pocket . Size: 2 3/4" x 2 3/4". Features: (Item #). Weight: 1 oz. SIZE GUIDEFREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS.


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