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Monocle magazine issue 32

Monocle's April issue looks at the art of the sell with a global tour of the leading buyers, designers, cutters and curators in the retail sector. We also. The art of the sell: the world's best shopkeeping and retail stars. Plus, Monocle's city guide for Seoul. Coffee is a way of life for New Zealanders and there are no finer connoisseurs than the guys at Coffee Supreme. The company's Al Keating gives Monocle a food.

“When we started this magazine, we were bringing issues that were on the margins to the centre,” says Adam Gordon. “We were a new generation who knew about the scars of the awful urban renewal attempts in the s and s but didn't carry them. What we knew is that these issues were crucial to the future of our. A NATO shipping deal looks set to provide some welcome good news in Latvia, how a think tank is shaking up German politics, and France's pioneering stance on. Monocle presents a list of our favourite shops, the most attentive services, the best store designs and the most innovative concepts in the retail sector.

A sleek wooden locomotive toy and a smart Danish bike helmet are among the picks for this month's shopping guide, but we start with a look at a stunning. A bright late-afternoon sun heats the Monrovia airport tarmac, yet the 20 Liberians crowded into the back room of the Wings restaurant next door sit in complete darkness. They are studying other people's passports. A worldly selection of travel documents – Belgian, Nigerian, Singaporean, Iraqi – is strewn across tables, but.


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